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Our philosophy

Work wellbeing and its impact on human performance is our focus. The following are foundational to our work.

Growth is an organic reality of life. It is no different at work, where growth is expressed in striving, initiating, activating, and doing. When employees have opportunities for self-responsibility, independence, free choice, and personal power, they can develop beyond far beyond their original expectations. If opportunities are limited, stagnation (or no growth) occurs.

Personal expansion or development is more likely when employees hold attitudes that are open, committed, honest, and giving. Such attitudes generate good feelings and positive thoughts that influence their own and others’ actions, behaviour, and responses. ‘Giving’ attitudes help create positive experiences of mutuality and fulfilment, resulting in high performance for individuals and groups.

Most employees seek workplaces where they can be authentically themselves. They also like to contribute to meaningful tasks and collaborative relationships where the purpose is larger than personal needs or goals.

Every organisation needs creative inspiration and imagination to expand. Employees’ creative energy is fundamental to thriving workplaces.

Most employees are afraid of failure, insignificance, rejection, and unworthiness. To some extent, vulnerability and anxiety live underneath everyone’s confidence and competence. Managers and leaders need to know this to facilitate achievement and effective working relationships.

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