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Employee wellbeing

Testing and assessment

Individual psychological assessment (IPA) is a core competency for organisational psychologists. IPA uses psychological tests (mental ability, aptitudes, and personality), semi-structured interview, and candidate feedback to assess employees for recruitment, career counselling, succession planning, and other purposes.

An IPA accurately and thoroughly describes the individual’s profile in relation to core competencies for the job and candidate variables (such as personal talents and limitations). The report identifies how the person matches key ‘fit’ variables of the job, workplace culture, managers and colleagues, team, strategy, and country culture.

The organisational psychologist administers the test session, interprets results, conducts a semi-structured interview, and provides candidate feedback. The critical ingredient in IPA is ‘assessor judgment’ in integrating data sources and making a recommendation. We do not offer computer-administered/interpreted tests or reports.

Employee development: Effective performance management

Performance management systems involve a number of key players, chief of whom are the employee and her manager. Most employees prefer regular, detailed, honest feedback to help them learn, grow, and achieve. Many managers find this process difficult. They lack the skills or confidence to provide employees with the feedback they want from performance discussions.

Coaching services are available for:

  • Managers to develop skills in effective employee performance management
  • Employees to develop self-management skills in learning, growing, and achieving
  • Team leaders and members to develop collaboration skills for performance and wellbeing
  • Middle/senior leaders to develop people and self-management skills
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